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The Phoenix Archives -- Ten years of TRUTH compiled into one internet site.
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Your source for ALL of the Phoenix Journals, Phoenix Journal Expresses, Phoenix Liberators and CONTACT Newspapers on the internet.

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PUBLIC DISCLAIMER: This is an independent website maintained under the authority of Rukahn International. This website was established by an independent group of Lightworkers of God/Aton's ground crew during this transition period of Earth/Shan in order to spread the Truth to the four corners of Shan one last time. The individuals associated with and responsible for this website and its content are not in any way connected to the following organizations or any of their people: The CONTACT Newspaper (old or new), CONTACT Inc., The SPECTRUM Newspaper, Wisdom Books and Press, Inc., America East Publishers, Phoenix Source Distributors, The Phoenix Institute, Global Alliance International Association/New Gaia Products, Nevada Corporate Headquarters, University of Science and Philosophy, George Green and Associates, or America West Publishers. All information offered on this site is Truth!